products and services

Greasy Wool

Watswool is a market leader in exporting greasy wool to Asia including cardings, crossbreeds and merino fleece. Watswool’s direct buying operation and streamlined exporting logistics department gives us a competitive advantage

in price and logistics management.


Wool Processing - Carbonised, Scoured and Wool Tops

Watswool strategically selects wool processing factories in Australia and around the world to ensure the highest standard of quality is achieved for its clients.


Carbonised Wool  

Watswool specialises in supplying carbonised wool to all major users making us a market leader for  woolen yarn spinners globally.


Scoured Wool

Watswool are major suppliers of scoured wool for both woolen and worsted end users with a reputation of quality, price and performance.


Wool Tops

Watswool provides a range of wool top products tailored to meet our clients’ specifications.